Fascism is Left Wing

The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists, ” – Winston Churchill


The greatest single success of the Democrat Party has been its ability to convince so many otherwise Conservative and freedom loving patriots that Liberalism reflects their views for equality and prosperity of the nation.  Yes, I do great but necessary injury to many self-proclaimed Liberals when I say they have been duped into believing their beliefs are aligned with the Left when they are in fact better represented by the Right.  I rest much of this argument on the contention that they do not truly understand Conservative and Liberal values and I recognize the insult inherent to the claim.  Yet I argue that the ability of Liberalism to mislead so many intelligent people, even some of great genius, speaks to the power of the deception, not the foolishness of its followers.   

                Where does one begin to unravel such a deception?  It was constructed one lie at a time, and so it must be dismantled lie by lie.  I think it is useful to pick one of the largest held misconceptions perpetrated by Liberalism to demonstrate the potential for all subsequent arguments.  The lie that Fascism is a Right-Wing ideology has served as a cautionary tale for young minds, warning them against Right of Center beliefs.  The horrors of World War II were pinned on the Right to dissuade cultivated intellects from entertaining the views of the Right.  The linear political spectrum is taught in such a way that it logical to imagine that if you were to print it out and wrap it around the round trunk of a tree, such that the two ends touched, a person who drifted too far to the Left or Right would end up in essentially the same place: tyranny.  Too far to Left-Communism, but too far to the Right and we encounter Fascism.  But what if this was not true, and if instead, Fascism is on the Left?  Then, if One were to stumble down the slippery slope of Rightist belief, limiting the government ever smaller until it could shrink no farther, where would they be?  Well, they would be at Anarchy.  How then, does it follow to place Fascism, a totalitarian state, on the spectrum next to an ideology of no government at all?




To look at this, on another, arguably less subjective spectrum, would be through a Top Down or Bottom Up approach.

Bottom Up= Government receive its rights, freedoms and privileges from the government

Bottom Up politics operate on a premise of free humans who enter a social contract with the government which they relinquish some of their rights to.  This government is then inherently limited by the people.  Libertarianism and Conservatism are Bottom Down systems, and as a Constitutional Republic, so is the United States.  Hence, those on the Right tend to be Constitutionalists while Liberals see it as a, “living document” which can be changed.

Top Down= People receive their rights, freedoms and privileges from the government

Top Down is a government with a large sphere of influence which grants citizens’ their rights and privileges.  The people are then inherently limited by the government.  Communism and Socialism are such systems…and so is Fascism.

So where did this myth begin?  It is important to consider this through the lens of a historical philosopher and consider the time and context of this myth’s origin.  Europe was even farther to the Left during the mid-20th century than it is now.  The first Fascists, Mussolini and Hitler, who it is worth noting were both self-proclaimed Socialists, were opponents to the Communists.  Fascism is indeed to the Right of Communism, and so it was no lie for the Communists to see them as being on the Right.  From the perspective of the Communist, the Fascist is to the Right.  The greater lie comes after, from the academics and historians who knew better but nonetheless made convoluted arguments to support Fascism as Right Wing.  Irresponsible arguments that necessitated either mental backflips to comprehend or simply accept as truth never to question again.

The first claim is that Nationalism is Right Wing and Fascism is Nationalistic, therefore Fascism is Right Wing. This logic might work if the premise were true, that Nationalism is Right Wing.  However, nationalism is not unique to Right Wing beliefs.  The USSR and the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea are examples of countries with strong nationalism tied into the left-wing ideologies.  And I would argue, so was the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis).

The next, and especially disingenuous argument centers around the attitude towards the economy.   Communists believe in a Command Economy, that is one where the means of production are controlled by the State.  Since belief in a Free Market economy is a value of the Right, Liberals argue that Fascism could not possible be on the Left.  It is a fact, that a truly Free Market economy with zero government regulation would be far Right Anarchy.  Only again, their conclusion is based on a false premise, that is, this argument relies on Mussolini and Hitler endorsing a Free Market.  Neither did, and this argument clings to a technicality.

While Hitler did not officially take over the means of production, he did so practically.  That is, he left the business owners name on the title (unless they were Jewish) but he directed them on what to produce, how much to make and what to price it.  This is hardly a Free Market economy, even if it not a drastic as what the Communists endorsed.  The same is true for Mussolini who directed of ¾ of private enterprise.

Hitler and Mussolini had the benefit of witnessing Lenin’s revolution which failed because once he murdered or imprisoned the bourgeoisie, there was no one left who knew how to produce and subsequently, the was no means of production to fuel his regime.  So, while Communists saw class struggle to be settled with the overthrow of the bourgeoisie, the Fascists thought it better to unite the bourgeoisie and the proletariat for a more profitable country.  This is the difference between enslavement and murder.  In other words, Mussolini and Hitler controlled the bourgeoisie, where the Communists would have killed them.  Hardly a great distinction.

So, then what the hell is Fascism?

            (1) Fascism is unity of the people with the State.  Conservatives, Libertarians and Anarchists all see the State as a challenge to individualism and freedom.  On the other hand, Socialism and Communism seek unity of the State with its citizens.  Socialists see the State as the Equalizer while Communists see it as the Enforcer of a classless society.  Fascist see the State as the Uniter.  Once again, it is clear Fascism is a Left-Wing value system.

(2) Fascists seek to control the media and educational system to mold the mind of the citizen. Which side of the political spectrum seems invested in Hollywood and the media?  Which side seems to dominate our educational system, particularly in higher learning?

(3)  Mussolini believed that, “vanguard minorities” were needed to push ethics on the masses to motivate change.  In his Italy, this was the Gestoppo and the Brown Shirts in Hitler’s Germany.  Which side has an abundance of such groups?  Should I name a few?  Let’s start with the Democrat Party’s KKK, or Feminists, SJW, BLM and with incredible irony, the AntiFa.

(4)  It is easy to say what Fascism is not.  Mussolini considered the great enemy of Fascism to be Classical Liberalism, which we would today consider Libertarianism.  That is, Mussolini, the father of Fascism was diametrically opposed to the Right.  Fascism is to Communism what Conservatism is to Libertarianism, and as such, it is a Left Wing system.  The truth is that all Fascism really is, is Leftism with Nationalism, and Nationalism is not particular to Right Wingers.



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